RIDDLE - Learning a good
lesson - Heron vs Fish


        A heron caught a fish in his bill and was carrying it alive back to his nest. Worried about his own life, the fish was thinking hard to find a way to free himself. Coming up with a bright idea, he then said to the heron,         "Birdie, I've learned that you're a smart bird, and I'm dying to know if it's true. Can you do me a favor before I die? I will ask you one question. If your answer is right, take me to your home and feed your chicks. If it's wrong, just eat me right now. But if it's too hard for you to answer, then please set me free. Will you accept the bet?"
        The heron thought it was a sure win because even if he couldn't find the answer, he'd just simply say something wrong. Either way the fish would die. So he agreed immediately.
        The fish then asked a simple question. The heron then realized that he would lose for sure. So he had to drop the smart fish back to the waters, having learned a good lesson.
        What was the question that saved the fish's life?




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