RIDDLE - Shoe store


        Witty Will gets a job at a newly opened shoe store called Shoe Shack. His infamous brother, Arrogant Arnold, decides now he can reap up on his brother's benefits and get himself new shoes, since his old Nikes for Tykes were getting way too babyish for him. One day, Arnold decided to go to Shoe Shack and ask his brother to get him some real Nikes for half price!

        After his long pleading, Will made a deal with his brother. If Arnold could answer Will's question, he would let Arnold use his employee benefits, but if not, Arnold would have to give Will ten bucks.

        First, he gave Arnold one shoe which was tied and said to him, "Think about this; you HAVE to do it in your head. If you cut both loops of this shoelace, how many pieces of shoestring do you have in your hands?"

        Obviously, Will got ten dollars richer, but can you answer his question? (No cheating, do it in your HEAD!)




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