RIDDLE - Searching through
books on the Amazon

         Law enforcement officials in the city of Brane Gully face a peculiar challenge. The city's criminal element, the Witty Mafia, violates all the laws on the books and attempts to obscure its crimes using riddles and puzzles of all kinds. When the BGPD is stumped, they call in Miss Terry Solver, P.I. to help solve the case.

        Twenty-four Amazonian artifacts had disappeared from the Brane Gully Natural History Museum, so the police rounded up the usual suspects. The small carved fish were worth a fortune, and could be hidden nearly anywhere. Evidence and leads from interrogations led the police to the public library, where the artifacts were being hidden until they could be shipped safely out of the country.

        One officer's hunch proved correct when he searched through books on the Amazon and found 12 fish hidden in the hollowed-out tomes. The last book he searched contained no fish--but a riddle for the courier divulging the location of the remaining artifacts. Time was of the essence, so police called in Solver to make sense of the puzzle. Solver read:

Let this note be your Reference,
Your guide for where to look.
You don't have to search the
World for a Book.
You may feel heartbreak,
Like you lost your first beau,
Just remember that old cliche,
And you'll know just where to go.

        Solver looked pensive for only a moment, then a smile spread across her face. She led detectives directly to a large book, and produced all of the remaining artifacts from the hollowed-out volume.

        How did Solver know where to find the remaining artifacts?




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