RIDDLE - The Alien Message

         Andrew Richardson, deputy head cryptographer at a top department of defence (DOD) facility, was working late one night. The last set of codes he received to decipher came from NASA 's space station. Apparently they had been receiving the same 5 set of codes over the past week on a high frequency band in visual digital format. They read...............

wmoa eemn cfuu orrs wkia eesn ltpe ihlt hwth oeno pgem eewe wsta auob rnpl ispe aust lmmd laui hnse

         "Strange," Andy thought. "Never received work from this site before." Eager to finish and get home, he set to work on figuring out the troublesome codes. The first one took him some time .............


         "What!" he laughed. He thought it was a joke or that he had deciphered incorrectly. However he continued using the same template, and by the time he'd finished he wasn't laughing anymore. He quickly picked up his phone and dialed his director and then the head of the DOD. Somehow he knew he wasn't going home tonight.

         What did Andy find that got him so worried?

HINT: Julius Caesar used to write codes this way. Realize that all the strings of text have 16 letters




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