RIDDLE - The Bus Trip

         A family was taking a journey through Colorado on a cross-country bus. The parents were bringing their children to visit some relatives who lived in a remote rural area. When the bus reached the foot of a mountain, the children began complaining that they were hungry. The parents decided to get off the bus at the next shop or restaurant they passed. 

         After a few minutes, they spotted a little roadside diner where they could all grab a bite to eat, so the wife pushed the stop button. The bus pulled over to the side of the road and the family got off, one by one.

         Inside the diner, the parents and children were happily eating dinner, when they happened to look up at the TV. There was a news report on the screen that said a terrible accident had just taken place nearby. A bus had been crushed by falling rocks and everybody on board had been killed.

         The parents were shocked. It was the same bus they had just been traveling on. “I wish we had never gotten off that bus…” said the wife. When the husband heard this, he spat out his food. “What are you saying?” he shouted. “How could you say that?” 

         Then he thought for a second. “Oh, I see,” he said. “You’re right. We shouldn’t have gotten off.” 

         Why did they say this?




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