RIDDLE - The purse snatcher

         "I was standing outside the store waiting for my husband to bring the car around, when all of a sudden a man, I didn't see anything but his back, snatched my purse!" The woman was furiously telling the police officers the story of her purse snatching.
         A supposed witness, who claimed he had been sitting on a nearby bench, told what he had seen. "This woman was standing about 4 feet in front of me, holding a few shopping bags, plus her purse. A large man dressed in jeans, a black shirt, and leather coat snatched her purse and hurried into the fire escape door on the side of the building."
         A few hours later the purse was found in the witness' car and he was arrested. How did the police know he was the purse snatcher?
         HINT: There was something fishy about the witness' story.




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