RIDDLE - Guilty of murder


        The home of Shirley Tate was completely dark as Shadow and Kareem knocked on the front door. "As I said," murmured Kareem, "This is not like her at all. She hasn't answered her phone all day, and being late for our date is totally out of character." Shadow tried the door and found it unlocked. They stepped into the front hall and called out, but there was no answer. Kareem tried the front light switch, but nothing happened. "I'll try the light at the other end of the hall," offered Kareem, feeling his way along the wall. Kareem flipped the switch, casting light on the body of Shirley sprawled across the hall floor. She had been shot in the back. Kareem turned around and gasped in horror, grabbing his stomach. "This little scene makes you look rather guilty of murder," accused Shadow. Why?




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